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Hair loss do vary according to seasonal changes

Jan 13, 2017

Hair has its own life, grow to a certain length, hair follicles to shrink, it will naturally fall, and this is a normal phenomenon, it can occur all year round.
Autumn is the most obvious seasonal hair loss. In summer and autumn seasons when the hair follicles due to the effects of ultraviolet radiation, and extreme heat in summer, and suffered some damage. Fall temperatures plummet, hair follicles shrink faster, to nutritional deficiencies or serious injury hair follicles can cause shrinking, long fine hair, or no hair, causing hair out.
Autumn hair loss is a normal physiological phenomenon, if not more than 100 a day there's no need to panic. Ensure adequate sleep can improve skin and hair of normal metabolism, diet nutrition, eat foods rich in protein and rich in trace elements, eat less foods high in fat and sugar. Avoid excessive coloring, perming and hair, to avoid exposure to sunlight in the summer, swimming, sunbathing and more attention to protection. Used on the scalp and hair without irritating acid-free natural shampoo without guessed that comb, comb my hair every day, massage the scalp, promoting blood circulation.