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What is a wig

Jan 13, 2017

Wig, in ancient times, ornament of ancient Chinese history as a noble appearance of the with a long ... And in ancient Egypt also found has wig, history Shang, wig of material has wool, and mane and the fiber, as straw, date, and coconut tree fiber,, now, market Shang of wig more is chemical fiber products, and high-end of reality hair tailored custom of sent products, for process complex, price expensive, for funds allows wants to immediately change personal image of hair loss patients do no marks replacement be a compared ideal of select, natural realistic, firm.
In General, the wigs for hair diseases provides a confidence and a chance to live a normal life, be it temporary or permanent hair loss hair loss can make patients facing life without heavy ideological baggage, for women, in particular. In addition, the people's life is rich and diverse, wig play a role not only in medicine, while providing an atmosphere for cultural activities such as props. As in a television program we often see United Kingdom judges wearing wigs in court, giving us a solemn feeling, and wig in the Chinese Opera is appears as a must-have wardrobe, there is a lot of modern TV shows, movies and drama performances in the age span and scenarios of the wigs are also used. And process improvement through continuous publicity and a wig, young women now have wigs often worn as the same accessories as card issuers.