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Why women postpartum hair loss occurs more

Jan 13, 2017

About 35%~45% of mothers during childbirth 7 months later in varying degrees of hair loss due to pregnancy, estrogen excess. Starting from about 4 months pregnant women, hair is in the absolute best, increase in the proportion of anagen hair follicle, according to the statistics, and late in pregnancy about 90% hairs into growth, which means "extended service" increasing hair when hair is smooth, dense, rarely Dandruff, dandruff. After birth, maternal body started to make restitution, and produce estrogen in the body begins to decline, this equilibrium State of recovery, about 2-7 months. During this period, compensatory increase telogen hair follicles quickly, those "extended service" hair that pregnancy under normal circumstances should fall off but there is no shedding of hair, 2-7 months after birth tend to fall off. Due to the amount of hair grow far more than the amount that some maternal feelings of fear, anxiety, depression and even mental breakdown, and leading spirit of hair loss. In addition, abortion is not normal, but it is not only on the body like a normal production system is a very big shock, and the psychological impact on the people is bigger, so the hair loss may also occur. Its 6-8 week after the hair loss when most miscarriages occur. And cause abnormal menstrual period, such as anemia, impact on the hair will also increase.
Postpartum hair loss is a very common situation occurs after mothers give birth to a child, gave birth to a child not to lose one's hair, and after another child, but all of a sudden a lot of hair. Postpartum alopecia hair loss is based on the form and time to identify, in a form similar to male pattern hair loss, hair loss the hair line, Temple hair is back, and the entire head of hair is thinning. Postpartum hair is a temporary phenomenon, new long hair after hair loss self-healing had also died. Postpartum hair loss in women occurs should stay calm, reasonable food, regular shampoo, massage the scalp, promote the blood circulation of the scalp, is conducive to the growth of new hair.