Grey Human Hair Replacement Toupee Wig Piece for Europe Importers

Product Details

Product features:

1. We are very cautious in choosing the material for the Grey Human Hair Replacement Toupee Wig Piece, so we choose high quality real hair as the wig material we produce. Our finished wigs have shiny colors and natural colors. In addition, wigs made from real hair can also maintain the keratin of the hair well and are acid-free. This wig is not harmful to human health.

2. TheGrey Human Hair Replacement Toupee Wig Piece we produce can be cleaned repeatedly. You only need to wash it gently in cold water to keep the wig clean and original. Wigs that can be washed repeatedly are environmentally friendly and economical. In addition, this wig is not easy to knot, peel off and fade.

3. We support the custom service of Grey Human Hair Replacement Toupee Wig Piece, so you can choose the hairstyle, hair color, hair length, hair density, etc. of the wig that suits your face. The wigs we produce have a variety of hair styles and hair colors, which are close to the current trend. The choice of hair density allows you to more freely choose the product that fits your hair volume to showcase your beauty.

Product specifications:

Material: This product uses 100% human hair (in addition you can also choose 100% Indian hair or Chinese hair)

Color: natural color (we can also provide the corresponding color according to customer requirements)

Length: 10-25cm

Basic size: 8 * 6,9 * 7,10 * 7,10 * 8,11 * 8,11 * 9

Base design: injection molding or mixed or thin skin