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Cleaning Process Of Real Hair Wig

Jan 13, 2017

1. rinse your wig
2. apply a very small drop of wig shampoo to wet hair and scalp area. Don't rub the hair or scalp.
3. comb through hair shampoo gently from top to bottom, section.
4. put some soapy water on the inside of the hat. Do not scrub.
5. warm water and shampoo wash from top to bottom, from the inside of the hat.
6. gently dry the hair with a towel.
7. apply wig conditioner to wet hair, not scalp areas, so as not to loosen knots.
8. clean air conditioning from the inside the CAP section, use cool water, allowed some to stay in the hair.
9. gently dry the hair with a towel and put in a dry place.
10. reshaping the low heat with a hair dryer, iron, or a curling iron; or with an electric fire in the drum.
11. wash wig should be stored in a dry place