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Do Hair Loss Genetic

Jan 13, 2017

Heredity is an important cause of male pattern baldness, male pattern baldness genes are not inherited from the father, study results showed that women can carry genes male pattern hair loss. If the mother is a female male pattern baldness or hair loss serious problems, the son at least several times more likely to have hair loss. If the husband is diagnosed with male pattern hair loss, and his wife have a family history of hair loss, then his wife is likely to carry genes male pattern hair loss. Two children, particularly sons belong to the high risk group of male pattern hair loss.
Currently not found gene therapy to prevent male pattern hair loss, male pattern hair loss in young high-risk families both parents should be aware of other factors of male pattern hair loss, such as diet, living habits and mental capacity, and so on, to help children establish good habits from childhood, to minimize their risks of suffering from alopecia.