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Dry Hair How To Care

Jan 13, 2017

Dry sex sent quality of people out Shi best wear hat, with Sun umbrella block Sun or figure with anti-Sun bone, to reduced Sun of hurt, generally, dry sex sent quality of people skin also is easy dry, appropriate more eat is rich in has oil of food, especially vegetable oil most health, as peanut, cashew, sunflower seed, Sesame, is rich in has oil of nuts class food, can improved, also to more eat vegetables and fruit, added foot volume of vitamin and trace elements, diet should not be too salt, can more using seaweed class food as kelp, laver, Nori,, Dry sex hair of wash sent liquid select dry sex sent quality dedicated of shampoo, cleaning times general one week wash 1-2 times best, times too more greatly reduced has local of scalp fat, makes of cannot full cover in hair Shang, in wash finished hair waiting for dry Shi water of evaporation instead makes hair too dry, in wash head Shi, should gently of massage scalp, promote blood cycle, stimulus oil secretion, more can help hair became rich gloss and elastic, wash sent Hou, should insisted using right of nursing sent pigment, and smear of nursing sent pigment, Must to sent root to sent shoots uniform of smear, dang hair entanglement in with is more should timely cleaning hair, according to right of wash sent method wash good, waiting for natural of dry, as don't with hair dryer machine blow head, due to hair too dry good coated some pomade or sent fat, oily nursing liquid be protection, usually should appropriate Combs, is sebum uniform distribution, do hairstyles Shi to simple suitable, reduced hair of led pulled, addition, has chartered need of people should do some labour protection work, like desert of oil detective personnel, geological workers Forestry workers, construction workers, as well as swim coach, diver, fisherman in particular should pay attention to their own protection.