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Female Wigs Don't Deform

Jul 27, 2017

The advantage of a female wig is that there is no need to trim, the styling of a two-stage female wig is permanent and will not deform, and the choice of a different female wig can change the shape you want. The downside is that wearing a female wig can cause your hair to be uncomfortable, and cleaning is more troublesome than your hair. Real hair production of the female wig is better, more authentic, but also can do hot dye transformation modelling. and fiber-made female wigs are too glossy, easy to identify the female wigs, and wear time long after easy knot.

Recommended that professional hair stylist according to their face shape, head type, skin color, occupation and other comprehensive factors to choose a suitable for their female wigs, Women's Hair Wigs suitable for their own female wigs will have the best wear effect.

Female wig Hair Selection 100% real-life hair, all through the fine selection of young healthy hair, the other raw materials also have to take off acid, remove the hair phosphorus tablets, anti-aging and other dozens of processes. Then according to the guest's hair loss area, hair quality, thickness, Women's Hair Wigs color and the required hairstyle, hair flow, one needle, one needle hook system completed, do a completely suitable for the guest replacement block.

Female wigs are generally not easy to dirty, do not wash regularly, female wigs generally to 1-2 months or so to clean 1 times; rinse with cold or warm water, and then put the female wig into a warm bath with detergent and soak for 10 minutes and gently rinse the female wig with her hand. Women's Hair Wigs Rinse the female wig again with water, clean female wig as far as possible do not use the hair dryer to blow dry, should use the dry towel to gently suck clean the moisture of the female wig above then put in the ventilated place to dry, at the same time attention avoids the direct sunlight to the female wig damage; After dry, comb the female wig with a female wig. Then use a curling device to fix or blow the shape.

Female wig net bottom of the material is generally from Korea, Switzerland, Women's Hair Wigs Germany and other places of imports of advanced network, are using breathable, perspiration, anti-bacterial, comfortable without side effects of raw materials. After replacement, feel relaxed and comfortable. The whole replacement block is about 30 grams, very lightweight, its relaxed and comfortable feeling as if natural. Wide range of application, whether you are a gentleman or a woman, or hair thinning, white hair, bald, Women's Hair Wigs or after chemotherapy to produce hair loss, can use hair.

Female wig According to the manufacturing process distinction, the mechanism of female wigs and handmade female wig Two, the material used for man-made fiber silk and human hair two kinds of fibers to PVC, pet materials, in accordance with the addition of flame retardants can be differentiated from flame-retardant wire and flame-retardant wire. Female Hair wigs by Purpose: accessories (accessory, or hardware), hair (hair piece, toupee), wig (headgear), hair (hair extension). Domestic sales generally referred to as a replacement or hair-weaving of female wigs, which are made by hand.

Real Hair female wig products, first used to repair hair loss people, Beijing Film Studios will be the first hair film (hair piece, toupee) with three lines and knitting stick to the hair piece fixed on the actor's head, this came out of the effect is particularly lifelike, Women's Hair Wigs and later in the commercial field, gradually popular tune, this is the earliest weaving.

Because the braided trouble, customers can not be picked, so later with a clamp instead of the braid process, which is the evolution of the reissue process. Then, with the fierce competition in the market, foreign adhesive technology also entered China: with liquid glue to the PU stick, the hair is shaved, glued together, Women's Hair Wigs when removed with thinner diluted.

Adhesive technology in China has no market potential, because the United States more alopecia areata, small area, the Chinese seborrheic alopecia more, the area of large seborrheic hair loss oil, affect the adhesive effect. The main components of liquid adhesives are modified acrylate, and the harm to human body has not been verified clinically. Flaky adhesive paste is mainly hydrophobic polyurethane or self-adhesive, Women's Hair Wigs so see water often have no adhesion.

With the endless imagination and pursuit of beauty, the way of making and wearing of female wigs has changed, on the whole, the techniques and techniques of hair-sending are called "weaving hair reissue" or "Reissue hair".