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How Does The Men's Wig Pick?

Jun 07, 2017

How do you know the man wig?

First, the process set into the neck (with the elastic band of the mouth in the bottom) and then pull the net to the top of the wig is now most of the wig not code, because the hair inside the buttons are easy to adjust the size of the size, according to The size of their own head to adjust the appropriate size of the wig, Mens Wigs the back of the hair stuffed into the hair network

Second, the men's wigs bangs up, starting from the front wearing a wig

Third, wear a wig and adjust the location, pay attention to the location of Liu

1, when you put the wig after wearing, in fact, there is a job can help you add points: according to their own face style pruning wig. Everyone's face and style are very different, Mens Wigs further pruning can make the wig more fit with you.

2, the role of men's wig modified face it is very strong, you can make your own hair when the hair can make a fuss: face more round can be concentrated in the head to the top of the head fixed; Mens Wigs face longer to symmetrical fixed on both sides. So that after wearing a wig after a seamless modification effect.

3, wearing a fake bangs worry about wearing In fact, there is a very good props can help solve the wig in the connection to wear a beautiful hair band, clever cover the dividing line, Mens Wigs but also lining the fresh sea temperament.

(1) open the men's wig network, open the wig, first comb with the comb.

(2) the hair partition, with the hair set on the hair must be evenly divided, or there will be side of the drum side of the flat feeling,

(3) with a hairpin fixed hair and hair network.

(4) pick up the wig open, set on the head, take care of.

(5) good care, and then fixed with a hairpin, or will be out Oh!

(6) feel dissatisfied, you can do a little effect under their own, do not over-Oh,

Men how to choose a man wig, and now many fashion boys also like wigs, and now many people like to wear wigs, but how to identify and buy fashion wigs? To look at the properties of the wig brand, the color of the wig, the hair of the wig.

Men's wigs also have a lot of stress on the material, the whole fiber looks very high gloss, of course, very fake; all true hair, although a lot of natural, as well as card silk, high temperature silk, boys how to pick men wig, Japan imported 100% Carnegorons, feel the color of the first-class, very simple structure, Mens Wigs high-grade breathable mesh headgear design, there are two buckle can be adjusted size, apply to any head fashion wigs under the embryo (mechanism Hair that layer at the end), to breathable performance is good, smooth thin fabric as well. Very smooth foundation, not easy to wear on the head.

If it is customized or mail order, must be attached to the head size, head size, including the following main parts. From the forehead hair root to the posterior occipital bone below the length of positioning. Ears on the top of the root around the length of the head to choose the wig to see their skin color suitable for the color with the wig to coordinate, how to choose their own wig as much as possible to choose their own hair color or the same color, taking into account the hair less or because of bald Hair must see the skin color selection wig color.

Many boys will participate in some of the activities of the make-up party, Mens Wigs this time depends on your makeup makeup and light selection with a wig, like a wine wig, yellow wig, orange red wig, purple wig and so on.

Men's wig brand how many kinds of wives are sold for a wide variety of wigs, there are several categories: daily life wigs, decorative make-up wigs, play props wigs, model wigs, workers practice knitting fake

Men's wigs are made of pure hair and wings of man-made fibers. Woven, semi-woven, all hand-woven several. There are wigs, wig sets, hair pieces and so on.