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How To Choose The Right Hair Color

Jan 13, 2017

Wig material
Hair wigs or synthetic materials. Than other synthetic material looks more like human hair and should study the material best suited to budget. Wig synthetic hair color tends to be a bit less than color. 100% of human hair wigs can stain (dark, not light), but synthetics cannot. Hair looks more natural, but it is more expensive than synthetic wigs, fancy color is usually available only in synthetic wigs. If you want to look more natural, adhere to the basic colour.
Understanding your coloring
It is said that it is warm or cool colors. Effect two types of skin color, eye color and natural hair color. See the color of your natural hair color, look at your hair in the Sun holding a mirror. Light red, orange or yellow in colour means you are warm and blue, green or purple hue with cool colors.