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How To Wear A Wig, To Make It Look Natural

Jan 13, 2017

Step 1: prepare wig
Clip all hair from the edges of the wig, so they will not be caught in the addition of a wig. This is especially important when attached wig adhesive glue. Lace wigs, lace trim as close to the hairline, careful not to upset his hairline.
Step 2: prepare for any kind of wig
A woven natural hair needs or set flat on the scalp and evenly. Care must be taken of all the natural hairline hair. Some women choose to lie against their natural hair in soft curls on the head.
Step 3: prepare skin
Use the alcohol swab to gently wipe any oil from the hairline. Wig skin which helps to ensure a secure attachment. Whether to use tape or glue, apply scalp protector to scalp. For those women's hair, with a flesh-colored wig cap protect the natural hair. Hat should cover all natural hair wig. Keep the CAP, apply glue on the edges of the CAP and to the skin.
Step 4: adhesives
If you are using glue, apply a thin layer to the hairline using small brushes or cosmetic. If the adhesive with the soft keys, don't immediately use a wig. Wait for the glue to become tacky. If you use hard keys adhesive, wig can be applied immediately, this type of glue to bond immediately. For those using adhesive tape, double sided tape, the length you want, until it covers the entire hairline. Additional side of the hairline and firm the skin.