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Ladies' Wigs Play The Role Of Modification

Sep 20, 2017

Ms. wig is essential to reduce the age of women's wig is mainly from the role of beauty, for a variety of special people to find self-confidence for the fashion people icing on the cake, and now, people's requirements for women's wig is not only beautiful, more important is healthy, Wearing a comfortable and breathable, Women's Wigs the majority of the current market wig is not really made of hair but made of synthetic fiber, not natural, airtight, not durable, chemical fiber contains a lot of chemical substances, and chemical substances are easy to cause allergies, Wearing a lady wig will not cause allergies, but the body is more sensitive to people or chemotherapy is not suitable for wearing chemical fiber wig, it is recommended that you choose the lady wig should be selected when the quality of the real lady wig, all woven breathable, comfortable and breathable, Women's Wigs Can wear every day does not affect their hair growth.

Ms. Ms. Dai wig the benefits of wig

①: Ms. Dai wig can play the role of modification, change hair simple and convenient, save time

②: to avoid perm, hair, hair on the hair of the damage

③: You can save you hair in the hair salon, blew hair hair costs, reduce expenses

④: Ms. wig can be free to change the type, Women's Wigs to avoid frequent hair care shop to do hair on the hair damage

⑤: you can try a variety of different hair design, with different fashion, so Ms. Dai wig increasingly popular people's Green Mi.

In the past, ladies worn ladies are aristocratic women, they put the lady wig as accessories, and now, ladies wear ladies wig is no longer a symbol of identity, this is just a modern pop culture, people wear a lady wig Play the role of decorative appearance, transform a simple hairstyle, with different fashion, Women's Wigs or modify the different face, facial features, and body temperament, so the lady wig because of its convenience, much of the modern people of all ages.

For women how to choose the wig, we must be careful, Women's Wigs the first is to see the quality, and the second is to see the beauty, quality and beauty have, then this lady wig is qualified. The following Xiaobian to teach you how to choose according to how the face of the way to choose Ms. wig.

1, round face: should choose the top of the higher, both sides of the paste straight hair straight hair straight lines can visually weaken the width of the round face;

2, square face: should not stay Qi Liu, Women's Wigs you can use the asymmetric oblique bangs, hair tail to the cheek side of the short straight hair;

3, long face type: the hair can be made curly wave type, can increase the elegant taste, should choose loose and elegant, neat in a little messy hair;

4, triangular face: according to the relationship between the face and the hair type of choice, Women's Wigs combing the ear should be part of the hair fluffy;

5, inverted triangle face: select the side of the split seam of the asymmetric hair style, exposing full forehead, hair tip can be slightly rough;

6, diamond-shaped face: diamond-shaped face cheekbones high width, do hair, Women's Wigs the focus on the prominent part of the cheekbones, with hair modification of the former cheek, the forehead hair to do fluffy pull hair amount, such as: hair style, short hair Wait. Stay Liu Hai decorated forehead (cheekbones), the lower area on both sides to increase the width of hair, can only use leisure class hair.