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Lady Wig Selection Method

Jul 04, 2017

Nowadays, the lady wig is no longer a symbol of the identity and status of the Western aristocracy, with the change of the times, the lady wigs into the ordinary people's birth, the wig of the production process is also mature, but in this woman's wigs rampant market , In order to buy the lady's wig is really not easy ah, then, what is the lady's wig good material? What is the method of selecting the lady wig?

Ms. wig is so popular, ladies wig market is the main target which people? One is keen lady wigs crowd, and second, Women's Wigs mainly the existence of hair problems in the crowd, in such a fast-paced lifestyle, making a lot of people appear hair sparse or bald and so on. And women fake custom to a large extent to ease the fear of people's hearts.

In the women's wig above the market, Ms. wig material is probably divided into fiber and real hair. From the advantages of the terms of the words, the real hair of the lady's wig compared to the high cost. Real hair made of women's wigs made with 100% of the real hair, ventilation and sweat than the fiber lady wig better. And real hair made of women's wig is easy to maintain, Women's Wigs and as ordinary hair as realistic and natural, so that users do not feel their own use is the lady wig. Lost their own hair, their own image of this plummeted. Is there any way to solve your own problems? At this time the role of women's wig to highlight it.

That if you know the real hair material lady wig better, in the selection of women's wigs and what methods?

1, ladies wig to wear realistic, Women's Wigs may have set off their own temperament image. It is necessary to see the lady wig hair color, whether in line with their skin color and contact. The other is to choose the women's fake made the organization. To make their own custom, such a lady wig looks more beautiful and realistic.

2, permeability is also very important. Buy a lady wig to wear it first, or take the same type of lady wig to wear the same try breathable. Breathability is generally to see the quality,

3, pick the lady when the wig can touch the lady wig, Women's Wigs pull the lady wig, look at the high strength is not high, the general recommendation of the use of a firm high lady wig, such a lady wig life is also high.