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Men's Wigs Don't Have To Be Cleaned Regularly

Aug 18, 2017

Wearing a man's wig is a good way to conceal hair loss.

After buying a man's wig, how do you clean it?

We look at, in fact, men wig wigs compared to women's wigs, relatively short, clean up is also relatively simple. Note When cleaning the wig:

1, curly hair basically do not use comb, each time with a good wig, Mens Wigs the volume of the place with a hand-collected under the can be.

2, men's wigs at intervals of one months or two months of cleaning can be done, do not often clean.

3, combing hair do not use plastic comb for cleaning, must use a wig comb to comb.

4, after the wig cleaning, must wait for the hair to dry after the comb. Mens Wigs Remember not to comb immediately to make sure the wig is intact.

Men's Wig Maintenance small knowledge:

1, hair knot or curl, please do not pull or comb, to slowly carefully comb.

2, the use of special-purpose non-oily maintenance liquid wig, Mens Wigs can make the wig more shiny and bright, and can prevent electrostatic yo, so that the fake hair has remained moist state.

3, men's wigs can not be hot yo, otherwise the wig will be hurt yo.

4, you can ask professional stylist trim hair.