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Men Wig More Shiny Bright

Oct 27, 2017

How do men wear wigs?

One will send the net into the neck (with the elastic band of the mouth in the bottom) and then pull the net to the top of the men's wig now most of the number of yards, Mens Wigs because the hair inside the buttons are easy to adjust the size of the size, According to the size of their own head to adjust the size of the appropriate men's wig sets, the back of the hair stuffed into the net

Second, the men's wigs bangs up, starting from the front wearing a man's wig

Third, wear a man wig and adjust the location, Mens Wigs pay attention to the location of the bangs

1, when you put the men wig after wearing, in fact, there is a job can help you add points: according to their own face style trim men wig. Everyone's face and style are very different, and further pruning can make men wig fit with you.

2, the role of men's wig modified face is very strong, you can make your own hair when the bottom of the hair can make a fuss: face more round can be concentrated in the head to the top of the head fixed; face longer to symmetrical fixed on both sides. Mens Wigs So that after wearing a man's wigs have a seamless modification effect.

3, wearing a fake bangs worry about wearing In fact, there is a very good props can help solve the connection in the men's wig film wearing a beautiful hair band, Mens Wigs cleverly cover the dividing line, but also lining the fresh sea temperament.

Men's wig maintenance small knowledge:

1, hair knot or curl, please do not force pull or comb, to slowly carefully carding.

2, the use of men's wigs for non-oily maintenance fluid, you can make men wig more shiny and beautiful, and can prevent static yo, so that the wig has been kept moisturizing state.

3, men wig can not be hot yo, Mens Wigs otherwise it will make the men wig hurt yo.

4, you can ask professional stylist trim finishing hair.