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Men Wig Wear Skills

Jul 04, 2017

Men's wig maintenance small knowledge:

1, hair knot or curl, please do not force pull or comb, to slowly carefully carding.

2, the use of wigs for non-oily maintenance fluid, you can make the wig more shiny bright, and can prevent static yo, so that the wig has been to maintain the state of moisture.

3, the wig can not be hot yo, otherwise the wig will be hurt yo.

4, you can ask professional stylist trim finishing hair.

How to clean the men's wigs

Men wig boys wig after buying, how to clean it?

We look at the next, in fact, men's wigs male wig relative to the lady wig, the relatively short, clean up is also relatively simple. When cleaning wigs should pay attention to:

1, the volume of hair basically do not use the comb, each with a good wig, Mens Wigs the volume of the place with the hand finishing under it.

2, men wig every one month or two months to clean once on it, do not often carry out cleaning.

3, combing the hair when the plastic comb do not use for cleaning, be sure to use the wig for a comb comb.

4, after the wig cleaning, be sure to wait for the hair to do after the carding. Remember not to sort out immediately to make sure the wig is intact

Men with wigs can also show even younger. After taking the wig, the age difference of at least about ten years old. Some customers take their wig after their own or some friends do not adapt, Mens Wigs I feel a bit awkward, in fact, this time, just a not used to let other strangers read, before and after contrast, will find very good. Good quality wig, wear it is not to see true and false.

How do men wear wigs

One will send the net into the neck (with the elastic band of the mouth in the bottom) and then pull the net to the top of the wig now most of the number of yards without coding, because the hair inside the buttons are easy to adjust the size of the size, Mens Wigs according to The size of their own head to adjust the appropriate size of the wig, the back of the hair stuffed into the hair network

Second, the wig of bangs up, starting from the front wearing a wig

Third, wear a wig and adjust the location, pay attention to the location of Liu

1, when you put the wig after wearing, in fact, there is a job can help you add points: according to their own face style pruning wig. Everyone's face and style are very different, further pruning can make the wig more fit with you.

2, the role of the wig modified face is very strong, when you make up your own hair when you can make the article: face more round can be concentrated in the head to the top of the head fixed; face longer to the two sides symmetrical fixed. So that after wearing a wig after a seamless modification effect.

3, wearing a fake bangs worry about wearing In fact, there is a very good props can help solve the wig in the connection to wear a beautiful hair band, clever cover the dividing line, but also very lined bangs fresh temperament.

(1) open the hair network, open the wig, first comb with the comb.

(2) the hair partition, with the hair set on the hair must be divided evenly, Mens Wigs otherwise there will be side of the drum side of the feeling,

(3) with a hairpin fixed hair and hair network.

(4) pick up the wig open, set in the head, take care of.

(5) good care, and then fixed with a hairpin, or will be out Oh!

(6) feel dissatisfied, you can do a little under the effect, not too much Oh, Mens Wigs or will wear a good Oh.