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The Advantage Of Female Wig Is Very Obvious

Jul 17, 2017

The advantage of the female wig is no need to trim, the second phase of the female wig shape permanent, will not be deformed, and choose a different female wig can be free to change the shape you want. The disadvantage is that with a female wig will lead to hair discomfort, and cleaning than their hair to trouble. Real hair made of female wig is better, more real, and can do hot dye transformation modeling. The fiber made of female wig glossy is very good, it is easy to identify the female wig, but also wear a long time after the easy knot.

It is recommended that professional hair stylist according to their face, head type, color, occupation and other comprehensive factors to pick a suitable for their own female wig, Women's Hair Wigs suitable for their own female wig will have the best wear effect.

Common female wig Material Type:

First, the domestic silk

This silk is basically no long, and flash and chaos, very suitable for COSER use. Long hair is a one-time, the current Nanning domestic silk is more common.

Second, Han silk

The main features are more expensive than the domestic production, the color is more, or flash with chaos, short hair can, long hair can not be used, Women's Hair Wigs and generally such low-quality hair are Han Si, made of small root hair short hair.

Third, K wire-P wire

From the appearance point of view, are very very flash, and silk with plastic wire almost. Generally used in stage performances, COSPLAY is not recommended. In general, relatively soft, easy to chaos, the length is not how easy to use, but the color is very beautiful, in some special color stage with a female wig is the silk.

Four, on the wire

Indeed, the concept of silk is more difficult to say, the card may also be produced in Japan it. In general, when combing the hand is not very slippery, harder than the card, the thickness is almost the same. 80CM The following is not very easy to static, take pictures do not flash. But 80CM above is not recommended, Women's Hair Wigs because it is still see the wind dead things, anyway, better than Han Si, Women's Hair Wigs similar to Claude hair with the best silk, 60CM is better than the silk is generally the silk.

Five, Malone

This kind of silk is rarely used because the price is not much cheaper than the card, so the general use of card silk, the silk from the surface and the card is very like, although there is no good quality card, the durability is lower than the card, but 1M the following almost no difference. 1M above to reflect the advantages of the card. But long hair than the card is easy to chaos, short hair better shape. Women's Hair Wigs This silk is thicker than the card, which is the best way to distinguish them

Six, card silk

At present do the best female wigs. Points in Japan by the top card silk, A silk B wire. China has domestic card. The most obvious advantage is Shun! Very smooth No matter how long, as long as the abuse is not preserved as a comb in the end (but it is best not to comb, wounding female wig), especially in the more than 1M fake hair, Women's Hair Wigs there is no better than the silk wire, the advantage is very obvious. The only drawback is that pure silk silk short hair if you want to use the mud made of Claude hair more difficult, unless the special shape. Other really can not find fault. Camera does not flash, the scene is not chaos, the wind is not afraid.