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The Lady's Wig Is Really Strong

Oct 27, 2017

Lady fake is now more and more popular, many people began to wear a lady wig, of course, here is a class of high-end lady wig, rather than ordinary lady wig.

Look is to see, but also observation, by looking at the woman's wig fidelity and color, saturation, etc., you can feel it, a good lady wig is high-end lady wig looks like a real hair, very delicate, Women's Wigs and very beautiful The In addition, the design of good or bad also see it, which is from the perspective of beauty to observe.

The lady wig can be divided into fibrous lady wig and lady wig. As the lady wig of different texture, combing and nursing methods are also different.

Women's wigs have the characteristics of washing without deformation, but the washing can not hand rub, otherwise there will be sticky together phenomenon. Washing method: the ladies wig soaked with warm water, the shampoo containing warm water soak for 5 minutes; in the shampoo water, press the dirt cleared, Women's Wigs rinse the bubble with water; the lady wig dipped in the hair conditioner Soak in the water for 5 minutes, and then rinse with water; carry out the lady wig on the towel on the tap, suck to moisture; combing fluent, naturally dry, Women's Wigs dry after you can restore the status quo. Ms. wig before wearing, hair should be the overall carding, combing the main wood combing tools. Do not wear a large area after combing, only for local simple adjustment.

Ms. wig with hair soft, flexible, the characteristics of strong. But after washing will be deformed, need to shape treatment. Washing method: the ladies wig soaked with water, soaked in shampoo in the warm water, hand gently rub, wash the dirt; washed with water to the bubble, and then conditioner care; Women's Wigs wash the lady wig will carry out, with dry Towel tap, smoke to the water; the female fake planes in the wooden care, combing fluent. According to the needs of hair for coil or hair styling. Ms. wig after each washing need to re-shape, according to the needs of hair use a variety of carding tools. Most of the shape of the lady's wig should be carried out on the bracket, Women's Wigs but in the course of the operation should be repeatedly set in the wearer's head to see the effect, so that hair suitable for face.

Lady wig in the comb when the action should be gentle, Women's Wigs can not pull the hair root. Hair style, the heat of the wind should not be too strong. Hair styling before the first wear on the guests head test effect, so that hair meet the needs of customers.