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The Lady Wig Is Handmade

Jun 07, 2017

Lady fake custom can quickly solve the girl all the hair trouble. Hair wig with ordinary wig has a very different effect, stealthless lady wig, do not see any traces of wearing, like hair regeneration, very realistic and natural, is scarce and lovingly dressed lady's best choice, Women's Wigs light Easy to be able to retrieve the beautiful image of the past. Ms. fake made, do not hurt the hair can also be hot dye.

For girls, the hair is a fashion, but also a way to become beautiful, walking in the street can be seen everywhere hair people. But believe that hair, perm people will have such a feeling - the hair becomes dry, astringent, Women's Wigs very easy to break off.

Hair damage to the scalp is obvious, many people have a hair after the hair off the hair off the situation. So in order to protect the hair, to less dyed hair, Women's Wigs the best interval at least to reach more than 100 days. The ladies wig with hand made of hand-woven, the same can be hot, so that we do not hurt the case, still can achieve hair effect.

20-year-old Miss Yu, at first glance is a very beautiful girl, but few people know that she is suffering from severe hair loss symptoms, but wearing a real hair made of women's wig, Women's Wigs only a beautiful fashion appearance. Invisible trace of the realistic effect, to protect Ms. Yu self-esteem, so she was not despised and ridiculed. Ms. Yu because of the original illness because of the reasons, only to cause a serious hair loss, but more reluctantly, the disease is not completely recovered before the drug can not be interrupted.

Everyone's hair is not the same, but want to be natural and true, hair style is the same effect, we use 100% real hair made of hand-made, to ensure that each wig of authenticity; according to different circumstances custom, Pruning, modeling, to ensure that each wig of a unique personality, Women's Wigs so that the lady wig is not only true, but also more fashionable.

Ms. wig mainly divided into several.

1. P wire

2. Han silk

3. Marlins

4 on the wire

5. Kathy. Currently the best wigs to do wigs. Points in Japan by the top card silk, A silk B wire. China has domestic card.