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There Are Many Kinds Of Wig

Jul 27, 2017

Ms. Dai Wig can play a role in cosmetic modification, the transformation of the hairstyle is simple and convenient, save time, can avoid perm, hair, LAFA to the hair quality of the damage; You can save your hair and bleach in the salon. reduce expenses; Ladies wig can change hairstyle, avoid often go to the barber shop to do hair quality injury; You can try a variety of different hairstyle design, with different fashion, so wear lady wig is increasingly popular with people; now I'm going to give you a summary of the type of Lady wigs.

1 domestic silk. Let's just say, the old bald uncles and aunts wore this kind of silk. I really can't support it in this respect. This silk is basically not long, Women's Wigs who sold long was scolded dead, the kind of child wearing a scarf on the pigtail of the kind of silk. The photos are flashing and disorderly, very unsuitable for coser use. Long hair is basically one-time, completely dead after use. Nanning domestic silk is more common my recommendation: Long hair-0%; hair-10%; hair-5%

2 Hans. Do not be credulous of what people say is good Hans. Don't look at the small Korean people with China Diao, this thing is still the same. I have one, repent. The main features are more expensive than domestic silk, more color, or flash there is chaos, short hair is not enough, long hair can not be used, generally this kind of poor production is Hans, domestic silk is very little short hair, Women's Wigs at least I see in Nanning is such. My recommendation: Long hair-0%; hair-20%; hair-5%

3 K-P wire. Whether these two silk is a kind of silk or not, I still don't know, and no one can figure it out. But on the outside, it's very, very shiny, and it's almost like a plastic wire. In the general stage performance, cosplay is not recommended. Generally more soft, easy to mess, Women's Wigs the length is not good, but the color is very beautiful. In Nanning some special color stage with Lady wig is this wire my recommendation: Long hair-10%; hair-10%; hair-0%

4th Silk. It is true that the concept of the Japanese silk is more difficult, Cathy may be produced. Generally speaking, the time is not very slippery with the hand combing, than the card is hard, Women's Wigs the weight is similar. 80CM below is not very easy to electrostatic, photo effect is not flashing. But 80CM above is not recommended, because still see wind dead things. Well, it's better than Hans, oh yes ~ and short hair is very easy to sculpt, like Claude's hairstyle is best. In Nanning, around 60CM, the better silk is generally this silk my recommendation: Long hair-50%; hair-90%; hair-80%

5 Marenth. This kind of silk I rarely use, because the price is not much cheaper than the card, so I generally use Cathy, this silk from the surface and Cathy very much like, Women's Wigs although no good quality of the card, durability than the card wire low, but 1M below the little difference. 1M above reflects the advantages of Cathy. But long hair is easier to mess with than the card, short hair is better shape. This silk is thicker than the wire, which is the best way to differentiate them. Not at present met in Nanning. My recommendation: Long hair-80%; hair-100%; hair-70%

6-wire. The best silk for a lady's wig at present. Divided into the top of the card wire, a wire b wire. China has a domestic wire. The most obvious advantage is shun! Very smooth. No matter how long, Women's Wigs as long as not the abuse of the preservation is a comb in the end (but it is best not to comb, hurt lady wig) especially in the 1M above the false hair, there is no better silk than the wire, the advantage is very obvious. The only drawback is that pure Cathy's short hair is difficult to make Claude's hair, unless it's a special shape. The other really can't find anything wrong. The picture does not flash, the scene is not disorderly, the gale is not afraid ... That's the king. Anyway, that's basically what I use. My recommendation: Long hair-100%; hair-90%; hair-100%