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Tips For Choosing Women's Wigs

Aug 18, 2017

Women's wigs are becoming more popular, and many people are starting to wear ladies ' wigs, and of course, this is a kind of high-end ladies wig, not a normal lady wig. In general, the two are easily distinguishable. Price is one aspect, but it is not easy to judge the price, also has falsely raises the price the merchant. Therefore, Women's Wigs the general method of judgment is to look at the smell of asking.

Look is to see, is also to observe, by looking at the fidelity and color of the wig, saturation, etc., you can feel it, good lady Wig is the high-end lady wig looks like real hair, very exquisite, Women's Wigs also very beautiful. In addition, the design of good and bad also can be seen, this is also from the perspective of aesthetic sense to observe.

The second is the smell, high-end lady wig and ordinary lady wig in the taste of the difference is very subtle, but still can smell out the difference, of course, need to be very attentively to smell, will know, Women's Wigs because both have done in addition to taste clean treatment.

The third question, is to ask the factory, three packs and price, this information can also help you know you want to buy the lady wig material.

In fact, the better way to do this is by trying on a lady wig to feel. High-end lady wigs are lightweight and do not have a noticeable effect on the head. And its breathability is very good, Women's Wigs will not let the wearing people feel hot.

Women's wigs wear the right way

1 First of all the hair nets have a circle of elastic side down, the other head up.

2 There is an elastic belt over there to hold their own prosperity place, do not let their true hair dew ran out, the other side to mention, put their hair in the net, so as not to wear a lady's wig will not be flat.

3 hair evenly tiled in the hair net inside, at the top of the mouth place on the head on the good, do not need special fixed. : Ladies wig back wear, and then adjust, Women's Wigs in the rear of the inside there are two size adjustment buckle, two buckles in the middle of a cloth, cloth on a number of small lattice, please according to their head type size need to adjust buckle buckle in can.

4 bangs randomly to make nature can. Find two small patches in the temples to see if the woman's wig is in the right place, pinch with her thumb and forefinger, pull down and adjust the position of the lady's Wig.

5 wear finish, you can grasp the top of a few women's wigs with your hands and make them fluffy.