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Tips For Choosing Women's Wigs

Aug 30, 2017

Lady Wig is a real-hair custom, the effect and the hair made by the real person is not any difference

Women's wigs are more convenient than "real hair". One is that it does not have to be limited by its own hair quality and can do whatever it wants to do. Second, after the Lady wig is trimmed, can maintain the long time not to be variant. Especially with the development of science and technology, the material of making lady wig is more advanced. For example, a recent company has successfully developed artificial hair similar to natural hair. This man-made hair has the same properties as natural hair in terms of heat resistance, water absorption, and hair retention, Women's Wigs thus solving the problem that the artificial hair used so far cannot be cold-perm and dyed with acidic dyes. This will undoubtedly promote the improvement of the quality of women's wigs. Third, wearing a lady's wig, you can avoid the hair directly affected by sand.

When choosing a lady wig, you'd better choose the real hair, Women's Wigs all handmade or half hand-woven, this kind of lady wig lightweight, clothing, wear up comfortable. The color of the lady's Wig is close to the natural hair color.

When you use a lady wig, you should strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions. If your lady wig is made from a real hair, be sure to hand in a barber to clean and hairstyle on time. If your lady's wig is made of man-made fibres, the special shampoo that accompanies the lady's Wig is dissolved in cold water, Women's Wigs then the lady's wig is dipped into it and gently washed, dried or sprayed with a special spray to restore the original shape.

When wearing a wig, if your hair is longer than a lady's wig, you just comb the hair from the hairline, roll it into a lot of flat circles and stick it on your head and clip it with a hairpin. Note that the card-issuing Katuan should be facing down, so as not to pierce the bottom of the lady wig. When worn, Women's Wigs you should place the front of the lady's wig in the middle of the forehead, with the hands of the ears on both sides of the vertical piece to the ear gently pulled down, with a hand holding the front of the Lady Wig, the thumb in the inside, the other hand moved lady wig adjust position, and then with a comb to reveal the hair tail and lady's wig mixed together. If you are short hair, Women's Wigs to become long hair shawl, then, only wear half a lady wig, you can receive the effect of long hair shawl. In addition, women's wigs can also be free to roll or roll and change a variety of hairstyles. If you want to change the hairstyle of short hair, you can make a round hair piece, lend it to assist, can comb into elegant expensive woman's head. Women's Wigs can also be made to make their own favorite shape fixed in the back hair, but also to your satisfaction. Choose half Lady wig and hair, especially to note that the woman wig and true hair tone to be consistent, if two colors, no matter how dress also difficult to receive the effect of beauty.

The following little series to teach you a few strokes according to the face how to choose the Lady wig method.

1, round face: Should choose the top of the hair higher, both sides of the straight hair, Women's Wigs straight hair longitudinal lines can be visually weakening the width of the round face;

2, square face: Not to leave Liu, you can use asymmetric oblique bangs, hair tail to the side of the short straight hair;

3, face type: can be made into curly hair wave, can increase the taste of elegance, should choose to loose and elegant, neat with a bit of messy hairstyle;

4, triangle face: According to the proportion of face and hairstyle selection, carding should be the ears above the hair fluffy up;

5, Inverted triangle face: Choose the side of the asymmetrical hairstyle, Women's Wigs exposing the full forehead, the hair can be slightly rough at the tip of some;

6, Diamond face: Diamond face cheekbones high width, do hair, focus on the zygomatic prominent place, with hair to decorate the front cheek, the forehead hair do fluffy Lacoine forehead hair volume, such as: Flash hair, short spike hair and so on. Liu Liuhai modified forehead (cheekbones), the lower area on both sides of the increase in the width of the hair can only be used for leisure-type hairstyle.