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Wear Method For Men's Wigs

Jul 27, 2017

How to wear a man's wig, you know?

First, the hair net sleeve into the neck (the mouth with the elastic band in the bottom) and then pull the hair nets to the top of the current wig, most of the number of yards, because the hair inside have buttons convenient adjustment size, according to the size of their head to adjust the appropriate size of the wig, the back of the hair into the hair net

Flip the fringe of a wig and start wearing a wig from the front.

Third, put on the wig and adjust the position, pay attention to the position of the Fringe

1, when you wear a wig, in fact, there is a job to help you add points: according to their face style trim wigs. Each person's face and style are very different, Mens Wigs further pruning can make the wig and you more fitting.

2, the role of wigs to modify the face of its very strong, in your consolidation of their hair when you can make a fuss: the face of a circle can focus hair to the middle of the head fixed; Mens Wigs This is a flawless cosmetic effect after wearing a wig.

3, wearing false bangs worry about wearing help in fact there is a very good props can help solve, in the wig connected to wear a beautiful hair hoop, can cleverly cover the demarcation line, Mens Wigs but also very good liner bangs freshness.

Men's hair loss is awkward, so how does a man's wig work?

1 Men wig Use a

Mature men's male wigs, long bangs, hair tail graceful radian, natural handsome.

Men wig Use two

Clear lines of men's wigs, there is this year's popular texture perm feeling, do not want to perm and want to have a texture hot men, buy a.

2 Men Wig Use three

Partial fringe is very long, with the side of the face side hair, Mens Wigs to play the small face of the decorative effect of thin face.

Men wig Use Four

Classic 46 points, the forehead of the long bangs hair curtain, Mens Wigs highlighting the fortitude and handsome cheeks.

3 Wigs with five

Mild fluffy and natural curl, more hair volume of the wig, appear youthful movement, has reduced the role of aging young.

Men wig Use Six

The level of the volume of the bangs, with the cheeks of the long temples, handsome face, dark brown slightly yellow staining, appears to be the sun dynamic.

4 Men Wig Use Seven

Free and unrestrained layered sense of fluffy, the natural outpouring of youthful breath, slightly upturned hair, the youthful breath further amplified.

Men wig Use Eight

The natural fluffy golden hair, brings the summer sun feeling, makes feel comfortable.

5 Men Wig Use Nine

Long hair, irregular curl, mild fluffy, handsome personality, suitable for young campus boys.

6 Men Wig Use 10

The facial contour completely shows the male wig, the long bangs and the long temples, Mens Wigs the moderate small face, the facial features exquisite match this wig absolutely cool handsome has the type.