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What Foods Help Hair Fitness

Jan 13, 2017

Hair loss occurs to some extent associated with the imbalance of nutrients in the diet. Through long-term practice, it is recognized that there is a natural food can contain all the nutrients the body needs, nor can any single nutrient has a comprehensive nutritional function. Therefore, alone eat a food no matter how great the number, it is impossible to maintain complex physiological functions of human body. Only through coordination of a variety of nutrients, can play their unique nutritional function. Food General is divided into following five big class: ① cereal, and potato, and dry beans; II animal sex food as meat, and poultry, and egg, and fish, and milk,; ③ soybean and products; II vegetables, and fruit; ⑤ flora and fauna oil, and edible sugar, and turns selection same class in the various food, can makes Diet diversification, and can reached makes various food in nutrition components Shang up to complementary of role, guarantee hair growth by needed of nutrition.
Seafood such as kelp, seaweed, seaweed is rich in calcium, iron and iodine, iodine is important to maintaining hair color shine in particular. Cod liver oil, milk, eggs, carrots, papaya, vitamin a content is very rich, moderate intake of good hair. Vitamin c-rich foods, such as fruits, and dark green vegetables, can help hair growth. In addition, copper, iron-containing foods, such as tomatoes, potatoes, spinach and hair melanin synthesis. In addition, Sesame, peanuts, soybeans, walnuts contain more rich in cystine, and must often supplement.