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What Is Alopecia Totalis And Alopecia Universal

Jan 13, 2017

Generally speaking, alopecia Totalis and alopecia areata alopecia universal belongs to a, is the ultimate performance of developing severe alopecia areata. About 5% a 10% alopecia areata can be progressive development or rapid development of alopecia and alopecia universal. Alopecia Totalis is all or almost exclusively refers to the entire scalp hair to fall off while seriously ill, or even other parts of hair such as eyebrows, beards, armpit hair, pubic hair and body hair loss, called alopecia universal.
Alopecia Totalis and alopecia universal of onset reasons currently is not completely clear, has research showed that and genetic, and mood changes (main refers to depression, and anxiety, and fear, and sad,), and should stress state (like occurred accident, and exam, and job, and promotion, and surgery, and trauma,), and endocrine disease (as thyroid function hyperthyroidism or decrease, and diabetes,), and itself immune (as asthma, and had taught sex abandoned inflammatory, and special should sex Dermatitis, and, measles,) and other disease (as hypertension, and white guilt wind, and silver chip disease,), factors about. At present preliminary findings, particularly alopecia Totalis and alopecia areata alopecia universal is closely related to genetic mutations, and preliminary studies have found Chinese-specific genetic mutations. Possible causes of the above, is a detailed survey and found that when patients were observed in many of these patients have a clear family history, often families have occurred before in the first-degree relatives of alopecia or alopecia universal. This is also support a genetic cause I felt that. In addition, the clinic also found that fully charged and easier for patients with alopecia universal accompanying nail damage, such as a white, a concave Kai Heng Feng Jie, scalp is often smooth, itchy scalp can occur in some patients recover from illness, there is a slight needle-like pain, there are some. patients with scalp feeling pain is pressing. When their quality of life survey also found, alopecia Totalis and Puxian negative impact on patients ' quality of life is far greater than the spots filled and androgenetic alopecia patients. especially for women.