100 Percent Human Hair Training Head

100 Percent Human Hair Training Head
Product Details

Product features:

This 100 percent human hair training head can be used exclusively for practicing hairstyles. Its choice of materials is very serious. The hair woven on it is made of good quality hair, so it is very suitable for practice. 100 percent human hair training head is made from human hair, the hair is natural and has a good luster, so use it as a tool for hairdressing exercises, allowing you to feel the true feeling of trimming your hair. In addition, this product has no odor and is not harmful to human body. This 100 percent human hair training head also supports customization, you can choose the hair style, face type, hair color and so on.

Product specifications:
Hair Material: high-quality human hair 
Color: natural color
Hair Style:body wave,silky straight,and curly styles are available

The reasons of choosing us:

We are China's hair supplier and hair product manufacturer.

We have a strong quality control team. In addition, each product is manufactured and carefully inspected before sale to ensure that the product before shipment is of good quality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Are you a factory?

A: Yes, we are a professional factory with 5 years of production experience. Therefore, we can provide you with quality products with preferential prices.

Q2: Can the product be customized?

The products we produce support customization.