Natural Training Doll Head

Natural Training Doll Head
Product Details

Product features:

1.100% human hair and manually implanted. Natural training doll head has a natural person who has a long direction and is easy to separate left, center and right at the top of the head. It has a natural neck and soft skin that best simulates the true feeling of human skin. All hair is chemically cleaned and disinfected. Please feel free to buy.

2. This natural training doll head is guaranteed to be free of chemical fiber and animal hair. It is a high quality product for beginners to perform hair training. You can't make the ideal style with low-priced and low-quality products, which not only wastes your money, but also consumes your time and even weakens your enthusiasm for hairdressing.

3. This natural training doll head can be used for cutting, perming and dyeing. Its edge lines and cuts are more natural, and the perfect level and curvature will show a stronger aesthetic. It is closer to the actual operation during perm and is beneficial for actually controlling the perm time. The hair on this product is easier to color and has a good gloss. Our mannequins are guaranteed to be bleached to 9N to meet your needs for light colors.

4. Usually, this product may have a slight hair loss when it is just bought, but it will not affect the use. The hair texture of the head of this product simulates the natural growth of human hair, so the hair will have a clear texture and a uniform distribution of density. It is suitable for practicing a variety of hairdressing techniques.

Product specifications:
Material: 100% human hair
Color: natural color
Style:body wave,silky straight,and curly styles are available
Packaging:PP/PVC bags
Used for hair style training school, for daily practice.
Hair length: from 8" to 24"
Hair direction: back-forward direction, natural-growing direction