Real Human Doll Head For Training

Real Human Doll Head For Training
Product Details

Product features:

★Material: This real human doll head for training is made of real hair, so it is smooth, soft, silky and without tangles. This product uses a new advanced anti-shedding technology to minimize shedding.

★ Personal hair: This real human doll head for training has thick hair from the forehead to the back. Heavy hair density makes it easy to make different hairstyles.

★ Versatile use: This hair style head is ideal for beauty students, hairdressers, beauty students or want to practice hair.

★ It can be used as a great doll gift for children, students and women to practice hairstyles. This is also a gift for your daughter to play with the house or to make hair with her children.

★ This real human doll head for training can be equipped with a free table holder.

Product care:

1. Try not to get close to high temperature, because the material relationship is not high temperature resistant.

2. The carding action should be light. It is better to use a relatively thin comb for combing wigs. The method of oblique combing should be used when combing wigs. It is not possible to perform straight combing and the movement is light.

3. When comparing long wig combs, divide the wig into several sections and comb it from bottom to top. Be sure to be light and patient.

Product specification:
1.Made from 100% human hair.
2.Used for hair style training school, for daily practice.
3.Hair length: from 8" to 24"
4.Hair direction: back-forward direction, natural-growing direction.
5.Various face style available,welcome inquiry face book.