Training Female Hairdressing Long Hair Doll Head Hair Wig Blonde Human Hair

Product name: training female hairdressing long hair doll head hair wig blonde human hair Hair Material: 100% human hair (100% Indian hair,Chinese hair) Color: natural color( brown/wine/blonde/customer requirement)

Product Details

Product specifications:

Hair material: 100% Indian hair, Chinese hair or other human hairs

Color: customized is available

Hair style (texture): various

Packing: PP / PVC bags, can also be customized with their own logo or brand

Product care:

1. Rinse the hair with a gentle shampoo and let it dry.

2. After the hair is dry, clean it with a wire brush.

3. If the hair is straight, straighten it after washing. If it is a wave, put some hair gel on it to punch it.

4. Hair can be dyed, but remember, don't do this often. Use nutrient water after washing

5. It is best to choose a comb with a round head and a line spacing.

6. The washing liquid must be acidic.


Q1 you are a factory

A: Yes, we are a professional factory with 5 years of production experience.

How much is the Q2 product?

A: Prices vary depending on the product, so please let me know which project you need. Then we can quote you accurately.

Q3 What is your minimum order quantity?

For different items, MOQ will be different, such as brush MOQ

Q4 Can you customize the product?

Yes, we can do it

Q5 Can I have my own logo and my own set?

Yes, we can make the customer's logo and packaging.