African-american Mannequin Heads For Wigs

African-american Mannequin Heads For Wigs
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This african-american mannequin heads for wigs has a large amount of hair and good quality, so when you use it as a prop for hair exercises, you will feel that this product is very suitable for all kinds of hair cutting and hairdressing training. african-american mannequin heads for wigs is made of high quality human hair, so it has no hairiness. Therefore, it can also reduce the time spent by the user in the process of being used and can effectively improve the efficiency of the hairdressing. This african-american mannequin heads for wigs uses a uniform density weave and a double-layered knit method, thus reducing overhead hair. This product has been well treated, so it can effectively avoid knotting and make the knitting and shaping of the hair easier.

Hair Material: 100% human hair
Color: natural color
Hair Style:body wave,silky straight,and curly styles are available
Packaging:PP/PVC bags, also do customized packaging with your own logo or brand

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