African American Mannequin Heads With Hair

African American Mannequin Heads With Hair
Product Details

Product characteristics:

1. This african american mannequin heads with hair is specially designed for people who practice hair style, because it has a variety of functions that allow people to inspire the hair design. No matter which hairstyle you like, it can be easily implemented on this product. Its natural hair is the main material that makes it a better experience for users during the practice.

2. The african american mannequin heads with hair made of this material has no odor and does not cause skin irritation. The hair on this product is hand-stitched by our experienced workers, so it has a natural hairline and the hair can be separated so that you can use it better. This african american mannequin heads with hair is supple, easy to care for and can be cleaned. The color of the hair on this product is natural, but you can choose other colors you like.

Product care:

1. About hair loss

This product will lose some hair when it is brand new, but it won't be so serious after a few times. Please be gentle when combing, don't pull it hard.

2. About use and cleaning

If you do not use this product for a while, wrap it in a plastic bag to prevent oxidation. If it is dry when used, it can be wetted with water, olive oil, or a special care solution, making it easier to use. If it is used for a while, it can be washed with shampoo and conditioner, but do not soak. It is better to apply a little olive oil after washing.

2. About perm and dyed hair

When using, please adjust the temperature of the curling iron to about 160 degrees for 2 minutes. The curling time is about 10-15 seconds. If the effect is not satisfactory, the temperature and time can be adjusted appropriately.

Product specifications:

Hair materialhuman hair
Colornatural color 
Hair stylecurly hair style
Useshair training schools for daily practice
Hair lengthfrom 8" to 24"
Hair directionfront and rear direction, natural growth direction