Hair Practice Doll Head For Training

Hair Practice Doll Head For Training
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This Hair Practice Doll Head is a good prop for the hairdresser during training. At the same time, it is also a display tool for perfect hair design. Its base can be attached to the tripod for adjustment. In addition, it's lightweight and small, so you can carry it with you. This Hair Practice Doll Head for Training is ideal for hair stylists at the salon. It can be used as a tool for teachers, students or anyone to practice hair cutting, weaving, inlaying, straightening and dyeing. It has a soft touch. Hair Practice Doll Head for Training can be washed with shampoo, blow dry, dyed and finely trimmed. It is easy to comb and is not easy to cause hair loss.

Hair Material: 100% human hair 
Color: natural color( customer requirement)
Net material: mannequin head
Craft: hand made or weft

100% of people practice professionally and train hair styling models. Ideal for beauty students or anyone who wants to practice knitting, tailoring, curling or a variety of hair styles. It can also be used for colleges, state board exams, and most state competitions.