Mannequin Human Hair Training Head

Mannequin Human Hair Training Head
Product Details

Product features:

The main color of this mannequin human hair training head is natural black, there are other colors to choose from. It is 100% pure quality human hair, so it is ideal for cutting, weaving, setting, renewal, color, dye, bleach. It can be used with curlers and hair straighteners just like your own hair. Mannequin human hair training head can be used by hairdressers, hair stylists, hairdressers and beauty school students as well as cute little girls. When using for the first time, slowly comb the hair on the mannequin human hair training head. It is common to lose a little hair when using this product for the first time and will not occur after repeated use. It is equipped with a clamp bracket that can be attached to a table to secure the mannequin head for training purposes. It is the best economic way to practice and upgrade yourself. We don't mix synthetic fibers or animal hair to reduce the cost and quality of the mannequin, so you can buy our products with confidence.

Product specification:

MaterialMade from 100% human hair
Application hair style training school
Hair length8" to 24"
 Hair directionback-forward direction, natural-growing direction

Product care:

1. Try not to get close to high temperature, because the material relationship is not high temperature resistant.

2. The carding action should be light. It is better to use a relatively thin comb for combing wigs. The method of oblique combing should be used when combing wigs. It is not possible to perform straight combing and the movement is light.

3. When comparing long wig combs, divide the wig into several sections and comb it from bottom to top. Be sure to be light and patient.

4. If the wig is used for a long time, it is not easy to pull it. It should be sprayed with a special non-oily maintenance liquid for the wig and then slowly and carefully opened.

5. Use non-oily maintenance liquid for wig (the method is also very simple: gently spray a few times on the wig before taking it) to make the wig soft and bright and prevent static electricity, so that the wig stays moisturized. Same as when I just bought it.