Training Doll Head 100 Real Hair

Training Doll Head 100 Real Hair
Product Details

Product features:

Materials - Training doll head 100 real hair is made of 100% real human hair, which has no oxymethylene, no odor, no harm to your health and the environment.

Can be dyed and bleachable - This training doll head 100 real hair is made from 100% human hair and can accept color changes.

Versatile - Training doll head 100 real hair is ideal for washing, conditioning, curling, straightening, bleaching, dyeing, weaving and hair styling.

Product care:

1. Try not to get close to high temperature, because the material relationship is not high temperature resistant.

2. The carding action should be light. It is better to use a relatively thin comb for combing wigs. The method of oblique combing should be used when combing wigs. It is not possible to perform straight combing and the movement is light.

3. When comparing long wig combs, divide the wig into several sections. Comb from bottom to top, be light and have patience.

Product specifications:
Hair Material: 100% human hair 
Color: natural color
Net material: mannequin head
Craft: hand made or weft
Packaging:PP/PVC bags, also do customized packaging with your own logo or brand
Use for:Beauty school, some for normal practice use, some for graduate test use and some for hair style compete.