Women Bonde Color Human Curly Full Lace with Dark Roots Hair Wig

Product name: women bonde color human curly full lace with dark roots hair wig Hair Material: 100% human remy hair (100% Indian hair,Chinese hair)

Product Details

Product specifications:

Hair material: 100% artificial hair 

Color: natural color (brown / red / gold)

Base design: aseptic import

Network material: simulation network

Craft: full handmade wig

Packing: PP / PVC bags, can also be customized with their own logo or brand

MOQ: 1

Our service:

1. We can accept sample orders

2. Customized service, customers can provide pictures

3. We provide repair service for you.


Q1. How long does it last?

A: How long hair lasts depends on how you keep your hair.

Treat it like your own hair and take care of it very well, and usually it lasts for more than a year.

As our old customers have feedback, it may last for two to three years if properly taken care of.

Q2. Can they be straight and curly? A: Yes, you can use a hair straightener or curling iron to shape the virgin hair. But don't do it too often, otherwise the hair is easy to dry and tangled.

Q3: Can I wash my hair and dry it?

A: Yes. You can wash them like your own shampoo and conditioner. Extensions can be blown at low settings, but it is not recommended to do so often. It is best to let the hair dry naturally after washing.