Women Human Hair Short Women Hair Short Hairstyle Female

Product name: women human hair short women hair short hairstyle female Hair Material: 100% human remy hair (100% Indian hair,Chinese hair)

Product Details

Product specifications:

Hair material: 100% hair (100% Indian hair, Chinese hair)

Color: natural color (brown / red / gold)

Base design: aseptic import network

Material: Simulation Network

Craft: All handmade wigs

Packing: PP / PVC bag, you can also use your own logo or brand custom packaging

MOQ: 1

Hair care method:

1) Wash the hair and dry completely before knitting.

2) For management capabilities, spawn every job.

3) While washing, gently rub your hair with warm water.

4) In order to maintain a curly or moist appearance, gently apply a gel mouse, or oily luster, it is not recommended to bond the hair oil to the luster, which may cause the braid to ship.

5) When combing, comb the bottom of the hair and then comb the roots in your own way.

6) When disassembling, be sure to consult your professional beautician.

7) For curly hair, do not brush when dry.

8) Use a large tooth comb or finger when the hair is wet.