Women's Hair Short Back Long Front

Women's Hair Short Back Long Front
Product Details

Product features:

1. The back of this women's hair short back long front is cut short and long in front, just to provide a frame for your face. It adds soft waves to make your hairstyle look more refined and elegant. This women's hair short back long front is a very unique hairstyle that will make you look more stylish and beautiful.

2. This women's hair short back long front is made of high quality real hair and then hand woven. The wig's hair cap is made of high-quality base fabric, so this wig has good breathability and perspiration. This wig is very comfortable to wear in any season. The products we produce offer customized services, so customers can choose the length, density, size and color of the wig according to their favorite wig style.

women human hair short women hair short hairstyle female
Hair Material: 100% human remy hair (100% Indian hair,Chinese hair)
Color: natural color( brown/red/blonde)
Base Design: Sterile import net
Net material: Simulation net
Craft: All hand made wig
Packaging:PP/PVC bags, also do customized packaging with your own logo or brand
Hair protection directions:
1) wash your hair clean and dry it completely before applying the weave.
2) For manage ability,put each wor sparsely.
3) When washing, use gently running water, lightly rub hair and scaip.
4) To maintain curly hair or wet look, lightly apply gel mouses,or oil sheen,oil sheen is not recommended for bonded hair, oil may cause weave to ship out.