Women Hair Custom Hair Piece Toupee

Women Hair Custom Hair Piece Toupee
Product Details

Product features:

This women hair custom hair piece toupee has good heat dissipation and breathability. Because its mesh base fabric is made of lace. A good sense of wearing is also a prominent selling point for our wigs. This wig has a very comfortable inner cap. The women hair custom hair piece toupee on this wig is hand-knotted to mimic the appearance of natural hair growth, so it can make you look more natural when wearing a wig. The interior comfort of this wig is unbeatable. Make it perfect for those who want to be as natural, versatile and comfortable as possible. Our women hair custom hair piece toupee also supports customized services, so you can choose the length, color and density of the wig.

Hair Material: 100% human hair
Color: natural color
Length: 6",8",10",12",14",16",18",20",22",24",26",28"
Hair Style(Texture):body wave,silky straight,and curly styles are available
Packaging:PP/PVC bags, also do customized packaging with your own logo or brand

Q1. How many hair do I need?

A: For hair weft, 3 for 10-22 inches and 4 for 24-40 inches. If you want a very complete look, you may need another package. If you are merging or micro, then you need to consult your stylist.


A: Think of this hair as your own hair.

1. Use high quality shampoo and conditioning products.

2. Conditioning the hair is very important to keep the hair soft and easy to handle, so use conditioner.